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Tricks and GamesThe Importance of Playing with Your Puppy!

Playing regularly with your puppy will help you form a strong bond.  The purpose of play is to develop skills that will be useful throughout your dog's life, such as impulse control.  The more games you play with your puppy, the more he will consider you to be the most interesting thing in his world. Encouraging puppies to play with toys provides a good outlet for their physical and mental energies.


All of the toys that you play with should be placed out of your puppy’s reach.  Give him toys that he can play with by himself but do not get involved in these games.  Play with him only with the toys that you keep in your possession. Tug is a very beneficial game if played with consistent and correct rules. This can be a fun, effective way to reinforce good behavior.



Tricks are all about staying positive, having fun and using lots of praise.

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