Client Testimonials

"Joanne has a wonderful way with dogs that is at once attention-commanding and loving. She's really a pro, with all kinds of techniques that actually work, and clearly a dog-lover. I learned from her the importance of affirming the good in our dog - really the same thing we all want! - even when he thinks I'm not paying attention. Her class helped me better understand how to manage our dog and, at the same time, relax more with him. Outside of class, she responded to all questions I e-mailed quickly and fully, and I never felt alone in figuring out how to be the human my dog needs."
Katharine, Belmont, MA


"I had the pleasure of working with Joanne for my terrier Remy. Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Remy is 7 years old and suffers from some general anxiety and also barks incessantly whenever I leave the house (picking up my keys or pocketbook is a huge trigger) and whenever the mailman, UPS truck or FedX truck comes by the house. I contacted Joanne to help me deal with these issues and while Remy is not 100% "cured" Joanne has taught me some extremely useful tips and distractions to use to help mitigate the damage to our neighbors' peace and quiet and restore some of Remy's self-esteem/confidence.

Joanne is highly professional, very knowledgeable and absolutely wonderful to work with -- and Remy (and my other dog) adores her (and not only because she was holding treats!). I highly recommend Joanne to anyone in need of professional help for puppy/dog-related issues."

Lisa, Watertown, MA

"My wife (Lauren) and I adopted Camden (a beagle-mix) from Save-A-Dog in Sudbury about five months ago. We're first-time dog owners who absolutely love our boy. Camden has been a dream (great demeanor, super companion, etc.), but he also has had some issues with separation anxiety and staying focused during walks. To help address these issues (and any future ones), we set-up a time to meet with Joanne. It was great. Joanne had us work on teaching Cam more commands - giving him more structure and confidence. Her approach was very personable and Cam learned to "lie down" and listen better during walks within a week. Now we stay in touch with Joanne via e-mail and she continues to be an awesome resource. We would highly recommend her services to anyone with a pup who needs a little work. You won't regret it!"  

Mike and Lauren, Waltham, MA


“Joanne taught me a few simple things that I could do, such as not letting my dog go out the door before me, that has helped me to get my feisty 2 year old alpha male Golden Retriever to obey me. Her tips and techniques have been tremendously effective!”
Meridith Levinson
, Framingham, MA

"We are first time puppy owners and Joanne came to our rescue when Charley arrived. Joanne is empathic, patient, skillful, and wonderful with people and puppies. She gave us very practical adivce, great handouts to review afterwards, and most of all reassurance when we got frantic. She is very available by e-mail and phone, and we are all grateful to her. We recommend her highly. Thank you Joanne!"

Miriam, Joe, Ben and Adina,  Belmont, MA


"My 12-year-old daughter and I took Joanne’s puppy class in Belmont with our new Havanese puppy, and we loved it!!! Joanne was patient, thoughtful, and fun, and we looked forward to the class each week. We also did some private sessions with her in our home, and these were invaluable in our first weeks as new dog owners. We are now planning to sign up for her advanced puppy class! Joanne has been very responsive to all of our questions, and answers desperate emails and phone calls right away with helpful suggestions. I HIGHLY recommend Joanne."

Kristin and Lindsay, Belmont, MA


"We had a great time in puppy 101 class at Bark Place.
Joanne was a fun and patient instructor and we found that we learned quite a bit. Our puppy, Josie, started at 10 weeks and is doing very well with her commands.

Thanks you Joanne! See you for Puppy Manners Part Two!"

John and Jeff, Boston, MA


"Joanne has been a huge help with our golden doodle puppy! We are first time dog owners and were completely overwhelmed. Her tips and techniques really helped us learn about dogs and cope with housebreaking and other training. She came up with solutions that worked for us. She was very responsive and always available by email.

Thanks Joanne!"

Sudeshna, Newton, MA


"Joanne was the perfect trainer for first time dog owners like us. She has a calming presence, gives clear instructions and best of all summarized what she taught us in practical emails so we could review when we did the follow up training. We had some particular housebreaking challenges with our condo that she creatively helped us overcome. Her phone availability and patient listening style helped calm me down many times when I thought we had done something that didn’t work well. We learned so much about how dogs behave and think which helped us stay consistent and positive about the training process."

Naomi, Newton, MA


"My one-year old puppy Toby is very well behaved and attentive, but Joanne showed me how to improve Stay, Wait, Leave it, and Come with very effective and easy training exercises.  I'm looking forward to another session with her soon."
Paul Zaros,
Stoughton, MA

“Joanne was great with our Winston, a Maltese.  Even though Winston is three years old, she showed us some great techniques to teach Winston. Joanne was very specific in her instructions.  She demonstrated the techniques with Winston as well as monitored us while we tried.  Joanne even provided us with written follow-up instructions to reference.  The method to which Joanne provided the instructions was very important.  She not only explained “how” the techniques worked, but also “why” they would work.  Joanne was great with our Winston!! We’ve been practicing and definitely see improvement with Winston within a couple of days.” 

Kathy Sullivan, Stoneham, MA


“Even though we had a German Shepherd for 7 years, Joanne helped with some very effective training techniques for my new puppy Bailey- she showed me how to get Bailey to walk nicely on her leash and wait patiently at the door for walks. Bailey responded very well to her gentle manner.”
Beth Hodsdon,
Yarmouth, MA