The Power of Positive Reinforcement Training

PeanutPositive reinforcement training is all about focusing on what you want your dog to do, not what you don’t want your dog to do.  We train and reward the desired behavior and eliminate the unwanted behavior by ignoring it -- not rewarding it or training an alternate behavior. Dogs repeat behaviors that are rewarding and avoid behaviors that are not.  Providing timely and consistent feedback is the key to training.  It's easy once you understand how dogs actually learn.


There are positive ways to end pulling, chewing, biting and jumping without the need for ‘corrections’ (punishing, painful tugging). There are a few simple rules you can follow every day, which will establish you as the leader of the pack and ensure a calmer, happier, well-behaved dog.


There are many common myths prevalent today that cause owners to go down the wrong training path.  Effective training is basically controlling the consequences of your dog’s actions (ie, reward vs. no reward).  When your dog doesn't come when called, it's not because he is being 'stubborn'.  It's because he has found something more rewarding to him at that moment in time.  Proper training can solve this problem.


Services offered include: preparing for your new puppy, new puppy training, owner education, training for adopted rescue dogs, working with fearful dogs, housetraining and crate training, coming when called, nice leash walking, and behavior modification for fear aggression, food bowl and toy guarding, and other behavior problems.


Positive reinforcement training is fun, will help your dog learn faster and create a truly rewarding relationship between you and your dog based on trust, respect and understanding. 


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