Clicker Training

Clicker TrainingClicker training involves using a ‘marker’ to signal to your dog that what he is doing is what you want.  Initially, this marker (or click) is paired with a reward (treat) so your dog makes the association that the click is a good thing and that a treat is coming.


The clicker makes a sharp, distinctive sound and can be used to immediately signal to your dog the instant he does something good. Behaviors must be 'marked' in less than 2 seconds in order for your dog to understand what you are trying to train.


You ‘click’ the desired behavior as it’s happening (and treat afterwards) and thus the behavior gets reinforced. There are multiple ways to get the desired behavior which are covered as part of the training sessions. Clicker training helps dogs ‘learn to learn’ (or figure it out for themselves) and subsequent training becomes much easier and faster.  Using a clicker is like taking a snapshot of what your dog is doing and showing it to him.


During our training session we can review clicker training in more detail and determine if this is the best approach for you and your dog.