Some General Training Guidelines

Think about these simple guidelines as you work with your new puppy!


  • Act the way you want your puppy to act
  • Make all interactions fun
  • Stay calm, relaxed and confident


  • Play “Check it out”- bring puppy to new thing and treat
  • Watch for any signs of fear and happily remove puppy from situation
  • Continue to expose to people, kids, dogs, noises, traffic, etc.

Training a new behavior

  • Use lure to get behavior
  • Give it a name only when you are SURE you’ll get the behavior
  • Fade lure quickly – use reward, not bribe
  • Reward while puppy is still doing desired behavior, not after he moves
  • Make it fun
  • Make it harder – different places, distractions, duration
  • Practice Release word – OK, All Done!!
  • Don’t over use puppy’s name


  • No ‘free lunch’
  • No ‘free feeding’/ pick up food bowl after 20 minutes
  • Sit/Wait for everything they want
  • Apply to games, attention, walks, feeding

Taking Treats Nicely

Do NOT feed/treat puppy if he grabs for treat.  Practice at home with no distractions, then outside.  Puppy may get grabby in new environment or when over excited.  See me for various techniques.

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