Dog-Dog Introductions – February 26, 2011

It’s important to introduce new dogs to each other slowly and control the interactions. This is especially important if one dog is fearful or reactive. Here’s a simple way to make the introductions go smoothly.

• Dogs are walked on a sidewalk, one in front of the other (the calmer dog in front first).

• The dog in the back is allowed to come close and smell the dog in the front while walking

• A quick u-turn and positions are reversed

• Again the dog in the back smells dog in the front

• If the dogs are happy, parallel walk and dogs can smell together on the ground.

• No eye contact and dogs are handled by people with loose-leash skills.

• If possible, use a clicker to reinforce good behaviors.

• If everything goes well, dogs can meet and play off leash but closely supervised.

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