Puppy Coach 101 App for a Puppy Training Primer

The reviews are in!! Puppy Coach 101 gets 5 stars across the board.

Is your super adorable, fun-loving new pup slowly but surely destroying your suede sofa, favorite shoes, and hardwood floors? Barking, nipping, yelping, peeing everywhere… and making you a little bit crazy in the process?

Puppy Coach 101 includes 9 topics with 30+ videos featuring Joanne Lekas, Certified Professional Dog Trainer of Happy Dog Behavior Training.

PC101 is geared towards helping a new puppy owner with the basics and provides quick and easy references by allowing users to have bite size reminders at their fingertips. It is a great way for owners to get started on the ‘right paw’.

Check out a preview and description of the App at this link:

Link to the App on iTunes: http://bit.ly/eCa9Vk
or search Apps for Puppy Coach 101 on iTunes.

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