Getting your Dog back in Control – August 25, 2010

As your dog enters adolescence, you may find that he stops listening to you.  Here are some tips to get your relationship back on track:

  • – List everything your dog likes and use these as rewards
  • – Use verbal language and emotional language (smiling, petting) to communicate with your dog

Work on the relationship:

  • – Control with a leash in the house
  • – Control resting areas
  • – Control feeding with Sit/Wait –use leash if needed
  • – Ask for Sit and Wait at doorways
  • – Spend time grooming – tether dog and praise while grooming
    • –  Take for a walk as reward for grooming or feed dinner
  • – Play with your dog and control the play
    • –  Teach sharing with retrieve, Play Tug and make it fun
  • – Stay in control of your attention – give attention when the dog is doing what you want
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